Nvu Web design

I have actually toyed with Nvu myself. It is a great program and does give its competition a run for its money!

Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver.

Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a “new view”) makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

Announcement July 18, 2004:

We now have a forum for you all to use. Visit http://forum.nvudev.org and sign in today. Our forums is the best place to go to ask questions and to communicate with other people who are using Nvu.

Announcement: Please sign up for our mailing list so that you can be kept informed about new versions as well as other general points of interest for Nvu. Sign up here. [Read the rest]