Mike Coins "The Pirillo Effect"

It’s true. I do this all the time:

You remember Beetlejuice, don’t you? The stupid, yet mildly entertaining movie that spawned a very lame cartoon show and tons of crappy toys. In the movie you could make Michael Keaton (who played Beetlejuice) appear and bug the hell out of you when you said his name three times in a row. Ironically, now you can say Michael Keaton’s name as many times as you want and he thankfully never appears to annoy the hell out of you. (I’m guessing Jack Frost had something to do with that.) Even though Michael Keaton is… um… wherever the hell he is, Chris Pirillo has apparently taken up the task of popping up when people say his name. (Hell, sometimes it doesn’t even take saying Chris Pirillo’s name three times before he shows up.) I like to call this the “Pirillo Effect.”

It’s one thing to leave an anonymous comment in an entry or two, but it’s something entirely different when you take the time to say something in your own space. Of course, you have to make sure that your conversation is being tracked by any one of the more proactive searching services (like PubSub). Even if I don’t comment, at least I take the time to look.