Wireless Quantum Crypto Network Unveiled

“BBN announced yesterday that it was deploying the first wireless quantum cryptography network in Boston, enabling “keys or communications to be transmitted securely through the air as well as through its existing fiber-based network under the streets of Cambridge, Mass,” according to this press release.

I bring this up because I’m editing a Web story on quantum cryptography, a subject that has fascinated me since I picked up Steven Levy’s book, Crypto, back in 2001.

It should come as little surprise, though, that the intricacies oftentimes sail above my head, particularly when the math is laid out before me. I can intellectually understand it, but certainly the fine points are beyond my grasp.

(As a side note: The topic got even more interesting for me after I had the opportunity to have conversations with some of the leading crypto experts in the field back in 2002 when I was doing a series of stories for Wired News. What struck me as interesting was that some of those people said if they’d have known that their work would have been used for draconian Digital Rights Management schemes, they would have never gotten involved with cryptography…”

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