Donuts are a tasty treat, but many people avoid them because of the calories and fat in them. A new kind of donut has arrived on the scene, and it has zero calories and zero fat. Don’t run out to buy it just yet! Believe it or not, you don’t want this donut. You might already use Donuts!, but don’t know you do, as the name hasn’t caught on yet. I wouldn’t call this type of donut a healthy one, because when you get one, you might feel stressed or suckered.

A reader asks, “Our executives like numbers. And heaven forbid we disappoint them… so here’s our plan: We want to collect network security and performance data and put it into a report. That way the executives will know what happens in our shop on a regular basis. For those of you who are already doing this, how do you monitor and present this data to executives—and how often? What is the best way to leverage such a report for budgeting and network re-evaluations?”

Another reader has a question about IDS and IPS. Read the latest issue of The Remediator Security Digest. This announcement is brought to you by Meryl and the letters S and Z.