Firefox growing in Europe too

Hey folks. Firefox is not just something that those of us in North America are enjoying. Nope, many people from all over are getting into the groove of the Web browser too! Take a look for yourself…

According to numbers released by French Web metrics firm XiTi, Firefox accounted for 14.08 percent of browsers used to access a large sample of Web sites that use its measurement software. That’s up from 13.31 percent in April and 11.60 percent in March.

XiTi, which says it monitors more than 148,000 Web sites, showed the biggest Firefox share in Finland, where more than 30 percent of Web surfers used Firefox; Germany, with more than 24 percent, and Hungary, with 22 percent.

“The numbers produced by XiTi resemble data from a variety of sources that we’ve seen,” said Chris Hofmann, the director of engineering for Mozilla, the foundation that produces the Web browser. “The only surprise was the market share in Finland. But the high market share in Germany has been an ongoing trend we’ve seen for several years.” [Read the rest]