Nintendo’s Revolution is Lacking

Rumors abound about the Nintendo Revolution’s controller. Everything from its form factor, to its interface, and any potential gadgets and gizmos has been on the receiving end of wild speculation; however, according to Shigeru Miyamoto, it’s not finished.

At a business strategy conference in Japan, Miyamoto said that Nintendo was adding and removing various functions so that the controller fits the idea of “All-Access Gaming” making the controller useful to a game developer, but not making it so complex that gameplay is prohibitive.

“The Revolution will have an interesting interface. We’re investing a lot of money into the interface, and its still not finalized,” Miyamoto commented.

So, in summary, Nintendo only has a basic prototype of its console, and has yet to figure out how players are going to interact with it.

But, according to Satoru Iwata, we should have more information on the Revolution by the end of the year.

Provided by Geekstreak