Update Your Updater

Heads up, people! Here comes Windows Update Version 6. Version 5 went live not that long ago, so there must be some rapid changing going on. We can only speculate on why.

In any case, open your browser and head for the Windows Update site for your own download.

Warning: Sources say it currently doesn’t work with Firefox. If you find out differently, let us know!

What is Windows Update?
A Microsoft Web site that provides updates for Windows operating system software and Windows-based hardware. Updates address known issues and help protect against known security threats.

If you turn on Automatic Updates, Windows Update can deliver high priority updates to your computer as they become available. You can decide when and how updates are installed.

How does it work?
When you visit the Web site, Windows Update scans your computer and tells you which updates apply to your software and hardware. You choose the updates that you want to install and how to install them.