The Clicker: R.I.P. DVD Decrypter

This is truly a sad day for many. No longer are we able to just go out and grab a copy of the beloved DVD Decrypter. While there are many apps out there like it, I believe that this could be a sign of worse things to come.

Every Thursday Stephen Speicher contributes The Clicker, a weekly column on television and technology:

It happened on Monday. Quietly and with little fanfare, a fabulous product evaporated into the great digital ether. Choosing not to rage against the dying of the light, DVD Decrypter instead weighed its options and, like so many before it, chose to take up residence in the digital version of the Bermuda triangle, the Cease-and-Desist Zone. It’s that magical place where both fledgling and fully-featured programs go to never be seen again.

The scene – as I imagine it – was straight from the movie Brazil: in the dead of night lawyers from “a certain company” cut holes in the floor of the apartment above the “offender’s” flat. Quickly, these men in black repelled down ropes, tasered the unsuspecting software developer, and presented him with legally-binding contracts. In their ever-so-subtle way, they explained that the software developer had two options a) sign over his life’s work now or b) fight the good fight, go broke, go to jail, and *then* sign over his life’s work. Not surprisingly, DVD Decrypter’s author chose option a. [Read the rest]