Monitor network traffic with ngrep

Linux or not, it is a good idea to have a good network monitor in place. One great option for Linux users would be ngrep. Short, sweet and simple. Sounds like an effective option to me.

Linux admins should check out the ngrep tool for monitoring network traffic. Here is an overview of this utility.

When it comes to network monitoring, there are a number of available tools out there. However, one tool that administrators often overlook is the network grep (ngrep) tool.

As a network sniffer or monitor, ngrep is very similar in some respects to tcpdump, but it’s somewhat different because you can use grep-style syntax to filter what you want.

Ngrep’s most basic use is to listen to all traffic on an interface. However, you can extend this quite a bit to narrow down what you’re looking for. Ngrep’s syntax is similar to that of tcpdump. Here’s an example:

$ ngrep port 80 and src host and dst host [Read the rest]