Pinnacle Systems PCTV 200e

I have mixed feeling about them as a company. While their software is definitely more newbie friendly by far than Adobe’s, I have never been too keen on them with hardware.

The PCTV 200e is the first product of its type from Pinnacle Systems, a company best known for its excellent digital video software. The new line of PCTV products offer an impressive set of hardware and software that allow you to transform your Windows XP desktop computer/laptop into a TV, Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and digital media entertainment centre – much like a Windows Media Center PC. Its features aren’t extensive, but its media management software effectively consolidates all of your media files into a single stylish interface that can be controlled remotely. Overall, the PCTV 200e is excellent value.

Pros: Excellent software bundle; active antenna; good value
Cons: Runs on Windows XP only; large remote control

The PCTV 200e is a complete package that includes software, an external TV tuner and a remote control. With these three components, you can transform your current desktop PC or laptop into a media center computer. Ideal for laptop travellers, or even those who don’t want the hassle of installing a PCI-based TV tuner card on their desktop PC, the PCTV 200e unites digital TV (DVB-T) and digital media in an extremely easy to use package. [Read the rest]