x64: The Rest of the Story

Well, last month I promised you as much info as I could on Windows XP pro x64 AND a link to the full info. I’m here to deliver on that. You can find the text on my blog. I’m still waiting for my own copy to ship, but since it allows itself a lot of leeway, I’m sure it’ll show up one of these days.

Here’s further news: I still won’t install it. I know of several cases where programs I rely on for day-to-day operations haven’t been updated, yet. This is something that has to change and change soon. More copies of x64 are flying out of the warehouse every day and vendors who don’t support the new OS are going to garner some unwanted anger. I think the main problem is that vendors still buy into the nonsense that 64-bit CPUs are only going into workstations. Wake up and smell the insulation! 64-bit is here to stay and there are a LOT of them in use today, not next year. Especially in AMD’s case, there isn’t any more reason to make pure 32-bit CPUs.