Mobile Media Maker (Nokia) 1.2.2

At first the attraction to watching movies on my mobile phone escaped me. Then I thought about long waits in airports, bus stations, etc. This software will help you convert those movies over a mobile format so that those long waits will not be quite so long. OK, that is the idea, anyway…

Mobile Media Maker (Nokia) – watch video’s and movies on your phone.

Mobile Media Maker (Nokia) lets you convert movies and video’s to your Nokia phone and watch it in great quality in full screen landscape mode. A memorycard as small as 128 Mb is sufficient to store a full length feature film.

You can watch your content on the go, on any Nokia phone, from a postage stamp size memory card. You can take any video (AVI, MPEG, DV) from any drive (harddisk, CD, DVD or removable and put it on any Nokia Symbian phone.

Take blockbuster movies with you while you travel, or let the kids watch theirfavourite cartoons in the car. The software installs an encoding package on your Windows XP computer, you pick a file from the harddrive or insert a DVD in the drive and with only two clicks, the software turns it into a super small movie file, which will play on a special mediaplayer on the phone.

The headset or the built-in speaker can be used to listen to the sound. Subtitled and foreign language DVDs are also supported. Feature films look crisp and sharp on the phone and still fit on a relatively small multimedia card.

Important: This software may only be used to convert personally owned DVDs. Makayama Software supports Fair Use. [Get the links]