RSS Metrics Focus: Interview With Dick Costolo and Stuart Watson, Part 2 – RSS Advertising and Specific RSS Measurements

We continue with the second part of the RSS Metrics Interview with Dick Costolo of Feedburner and Stuart Watson of Syndicate IQ, and the focus today is especially on RSS advertising.

And this also means you’ll be able to hear the whole reasoning from Dick on why and how RSS feeds with ads are not losing subscribers

a] What specifically can we measure with RSS and how? For instance, the difference between views and readership? What can clicks tells us? How do we measure clickthrough rates anyway?

b] Which are the key metrics marketers and publishers should be looking at? How do circulation and item viewing co-relate? If your subscription is growing, but your views are not, it means that you’re not being read …

c] What is Feedburner learning from RSS advertising, especially since implementing Google AdSense?

d] The interesting metrics are that ads in feeds work and that feeds are not losing subscribers, but successful RSS advertising demands different ad types. Why? What kind of ads really work?

e] When does RSS advertising work?

f] What metrics will advertisers be interested in with RSS?

g] Is there a place for branding ads in RSS feeds?

h] Has Feedburner noticed feeds with ads losing readership? The short answer is that they are not losing readership, but are growing as well or faster than other Feedburner feeds …

i] Will behavioral targeting be introduced to RSS advertsing?

j] Are full-text feeds with ads in combination with summary feeds without the ads the answer to satisfy all subscribers? What will the market decide?

l] Will RSS advertising ever move beyond the basic text and banner ads to rich-media ads, even floating ads?

k] Will traditional advertisers go along with ”the basic ad” for branding campaigns, or will they pressure publishers to offer multimedia advertising?

m] Do RSS aggregators themselves make multimedia ads impossible?

n] What RSS advertising standards are there in development? What standard metrics are going to be used with RSS advertising? Those we already know, or some new ones? Is an impression still an impression?

o] Are web metrics precise work? How are RSS metrics different?

Grab the interview here.