Sony May Lose Control

Right now, the Playstation 2 controls about 70% of the global gaming market, with the Xbox and GameCube controlling roughly 15% each; but, that’s about to change, according to market research firm DFC Intelligence.

In their “best case” scenario, they expect the Playstation 3 to control only 50% of the market, while the Xbox 360 may control upwards of 40%, and the Revolution capturing no more than 35%. DFC Intelligence also predicts that, by 2009, the gaming industry will be worth $41.49 billion, with $31.6 billion from tradition games and hardware, and $9.8 billion from online gaming (Xbox Live, MMORPG’s).

While the global gaming market has hit a bit of a plateau, the American gaming market continues to rise, and shows no signs of stopping in the near future.

Provided by Geekstreak