Apple Eyes Audio Interface Market, Keeps Buzz Alive

With the obvious need to make sure that hardware needs are being met, one has to wonder if Apple’s desire to tackle all things audio might just be a little too overzealous?

Is Apple Computer ready to step into the music hardware business? Obsessive Apple watchers, the kind of Mac cultists who sift through press releases and parse every Steve Jobs remark, are buzzing about recent developments in the US Patent & Trademark Office. Apple has quietly filed a trademark application for the term “Jam Box”, which is described as “audio production systems comprised of computer hardware and software for composing, recording, creating, converting, enhancing, processing, amplifying, mixing, manipulating, and playing audio signals.”

There are a few different ways to interpret this somewhat vague litany, but most 21st century musicians and music producers would probably recognize it as describing an audio interface, a crucial piece of equipment that translates electrical signals, such as those created by a microphone or electric guitar pickup, into digital information that a computer can manipulate. Apple disappointed many when it failed to introduce such an interface, then code-named “Asteroid”, at Macworld Expo last January, but the recent trademark filing seems to show that the project is far from dead. [Read the rest]