ImageAdaptor: Upload – Edit – Enhance – Print

When presenting information online, you want to convey your point as cleanly and as simply as possible. When images are brought into the equation, well, things can get tricky quickly. And if such images must be modified in any way from their original format, well, that’s another set of potential problems right there! There are all sorts of variables to consider; from pixels to centimeters (never fun if you’re a metric-deprived American) to resolution to color space to ICC profiles to… well, you get the idea.

If the person to whom you’re conveying such images happens to be a graphic arts genius, then you’re in the clear. Needless to say, the majority of the population doesn’t fall under this category, and a little help might go a long way in ensuring the usefulness of your presentation. Whether you’re a PR agent broadcasting an online press kit for use by the media, a high-volume digital print shop owner with Web site demonstrations of your available products, a geography teacher illustrating the changing terrain of the Western Hemisphere from the Ice Age to present day, a foreign exchange student with an online gallery for family and friends back in the old country, a newsletter editor passing along pictures to the layout staff for inclusion in your next edition, or [insert your own special needs here], that help is imminent!

Thanks to some resourceful Viking ingenuity from the folks at Originalab in Leksand, Sweden, ImageAdaptor is here. Whatever your intentions, the possible applications of ImageAdaptor are endless.

With a Web browser and a Flash plug-in installed (pretty much a standard, nowadays), your intended audience (or coworker) is able to crop, rotate, enhance, and adapt the size of the images on your site (or upload their own) – without compromising their quality – and utilize them for further purposes. A live demonstration illustrates this process quite nicely. Give it a whirl!

There's a picture here of something that we just bet you'd like to see! Patience! Patience!

ImageAdaptor can run either as a standalone application/service or as a Web application in a J2EE application server. To install and run as a standalone application you need to have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 installed. To run it as a Web application, you will of course need to have an application server installed.

ImageAdaptor uses Java Advanced Imaging (JAI). For better performance, you can optionally install the JAI Accelerator Wrapper for your platform.

The evaluation version of ImageAdaptor produces images with watermarks. To remove this restriction, please buy a license.

Does this sound like the solution to something that’s been vexing you? Check out ImageAdaptor‘s Web site for in-depth details and a trial download!