Gnomedex Coverage

Gnomedex is over, but the online content that it generated is available for everyone to research.

Perhaps the best collection of Gnomedex coverage is available at, provided by Weblogs, inc. Another very good source of Gnomedex coverage can be found at the dsr-r3 blog.

To summarize …

a] Microsoft announced RSS support/integration in Longorn and IE. This is pretty much one of the most important RSS developments of 2005, finally paving the way for mass RSS adoption.

b] Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, inc. shares advice for bloggers dealing with threats of legal action.

c] More information on FeedMesh, which aims to create a kind of RSS pinging network that would supply the search engines with the latest content around the Internet and enable them to share content updates with eachother.

d] Dave Winer demonstrated his new tool, the OPML editor.

“Its native file format is OPML, the standard format for lists of RSS feed subscriptions. So you can use the OPML Editor to open and edit subscription lists for all the major feed readers and aggregators, tune them up, merge them and split them, publish and share them. Finally, there’s a rational way to edit the subscription lists.

OPML has also become the standard format for the podcasting directories. All the nodes in the community directory are edited in OPML, many of them by hand. Now there’s a tool that’s designed for exactly this purpose.

The OPML Editor is good for all kinds of lists, directories, project planning, designs. The tool can be used by professionals and managers, doctors, professors, lawyers, accountants, writers — basically anyone who thinks for a living.”

From the looks of things, it was a great conference. Now, Chris, we’re just waiting for you to start planning your RSS marketing conference:)