Tom Rogers Named CEO of TiVo

Well, we knew that TiVo had been having a rough time beating back the competition, but we didn’t know it was quite this bad. Rogers is one of TiVo’s co-founders, so one shouldn’t take his ouster lightly.

Tom Rogers is in as president and CEO of TiVo and Mike Ramsay is out as chairman, the company said on Monday.

Starting July 1, Rogers will succeed Ramsay, the co-founder of TiVo who announced his intention to step down as CEO in January after seven years in the position. Ramsay said he will continue to serve on TiVo’s board, leading the company’s technology committee. TiVo said it will conduct a new search for a replacement chairman.

TiVo created the entire market, so let’s hope that they can pull themselves out of the hole and survive to fight another day.

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