SitePoint Lifts The Lid On Firefox Secrets

SitePoint Pty. Ltd., provider of
fun, practical, and easy-to-understand content for Web professionals,
has announced the release of Firefox Secrets, a need-to-know guide to
the inner workings of the Web’s most talked about new browser.

“Until now, Web users have had to adapt their expectations and behavior to
the limitations of the Web,” noted SitePoint CEO and Co-founder Mark
Harbottle. “Firefox Secrets puts the control back into the hands of
individual users, allowing them to customize the online experience using
the Firefox browser. Thanks to Firefox Secrets, Web professionals can
have the Web perform exactly as they want it to,” he added.

Firefox Secrets lifts the lid on many of the browser’s handy, but
lesser-known options and technical configurations. Among the many
invaluable customizations that are explored in this 292-page title,
readers will tap the secrets of smart keywords, cookie and password
management, Firefox extensions and about:config.

“The focus of Firefox Secrets is to provide readers with the detailed
information they need to make the Web work for them,” Harbottle added. “By
customizing the Firefox Web experience, readers will surf more
efficiently, more effectively, and with greater ease. That’s something
every Web professional needs.”

Firefox Secrets is the only book that includes a CD-ROM with copies of
Firefox, Thunderbird, and hand-picked extensions and themes for the
Firefox browser.