Transfer Music From Your iPod to A PC

There are plenty of reasons you might want to transfer music tracks from an iPod to your PC. If your hard drive fails, your iPod may be your only backup. If you purchase tracks from iTunes Music Store, Apple explicitly permits transferring those files to up to 5 computers. You may want to transfer your music library from your iPod to the new computer you just purchased instead of hassling with networking two machines. Instead of easily facilitating transfer of music from an iPod to a PC, Apple takes the more paranoid approach, assuming anyone who might want to transfer songs from their iPod is a thief. The file transfer process is obscured, requiring a number of convoluted steps to extract songs from an iPod without the assistance of third-party software. Fortunately many developers answered this need and have created tools making it easy for anyone to transfer their music from an iPod to a PC or Mac, without any frustrating steps and without the potential for corrupting the song library and wiping out everything on your iPod. Read on for some tricks designed to make transferring songs from your iPod to a PC a breeze.