Belgium Web Site Helps Gov’t Cut Red Tape

Wow, we could use something like this in our own country (USA)! I am not trying to get political, I am talking about laws both old and new that may not really apply any longer.

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Belgians suffering under a morass of contradictory, complicated or just plain absurd regulations have for two years had a place to make their complaints known: a Web site called Kafka set up by their government.

The rare flash of bureacratic humor has had tangible results: a savings of $281 million over two years, Belgian officials said Friday.

The site was set up by the government in 2003, encouraging individuals and businesses to come up with examples of needless rules and regulations. It was named after Franz Kafka, the late Czech-German author who hated irrational authority and whose work defined the alienated modern world of the 20th century.

This multi-ethnic nation of 10 million has mind-numbingly complex bureaucratic systems. The country is divided to 589 communes and run by a national government and six other separate governments representing the French, Dutch and German language groups and the Brussels, Waloon and Flanders regions. [Read the rest]