Name That Song

Okay, so this is only marginally about songs and has nothing to do with naming them. It got your attention, right? The real story here is what happens on your system when Windows CAN’T ‘name that song.’ A quick trip to this site will have you hummimng along in no time.

The usual thing that happens when Windows can’t find a player for a certain type of file is that it stops dead and tries to find the right tool (called a CODEC) on your system. If that fails, it may try to find it on the Internet, depending on your settings. if all else fails, then just sits there and cries for help.

Head on over to The site doesn’t have a lot of frills, but it makes up for that in content. It has a large number of CODECs and it also has links to players, encoders, and alternatives to mainstream player software. Navigation isn’t great, but some digging turns up what you need. I went there for a .mov QuickTime movie player and ended up with a third-party alternative that works fine, but doesn’t try to strangle you like the real QuickTime player does.