Post Script: Karla Homolka Released from Prison

A short post-script for those interested in the continuing horror saga of Karla Homolka. Aunty’s readers will remember that Ms. Homolka was at the center of an extremely ugly murder trial, in which she and her lover were found guilty of horrible crimes against children, and, relevant to these pages, the Canadian government issued a press ban on reporting of the trial.

On an interesting and Internet-related sidenote, Aunty has a Usenet newgroup dedicated to her, and back during the Homolka press ban, it was squatted on by a group who were sure, due to the name of the newsgroup, that it had been set up as a way for news-starved Canadians to share information about the Homolka trial, but Aunty digresses….]

Anyways, Ms. Homolka has been released from prison…

[Post Script: Karla Homolka Released from Prison, Continued]