Don’t Click on the Blue E!

First off, I want this graphic on a T-Shirt! seriously, it rocks! But anyway, this book will likely help people to use their Firefox browser a lot more efficiently.

For all those surfers who have slowly grown disenchantedwith Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, Don’t Clickon the Blue E! from O’Reilly is here to help. It offersnon-technical users a convenient roadmap for switching to abetter web browser—Firefox. The only book that covers the switch to Firefox, Don’t Clickon the Blue E! is a must for anyone who wants to browsefaster, more securely, and more efficiently. It takesreaders through the process step-by-step, so it’s easy tounderstand. Schools, non-profits, businesses, andindividuals can all benefit from this how-to guide.

Firefox includes most of the features that browser users arefamiliar with, along with several new features otherbrowsers don’t have, such as a bookmarks toolbar and windowtabs that allow users to quickly switch among several websites. There is also the likelihood of better security withFirefox. [Read the rest]