It’s not just about taking stuff apart – TiVo hacking

If there is one thing that I am a sucker for, it would have to be a good TiVo hack with pictures! Yes, this is a pretty good tutorial for making a backup of that ever so important TiVo content.

Everyone’s heard that the TiVo “runs Linux™”. In this installment of Linux on board, Peter takes a look at the Linux system installed on the TiVo. Examining the TiVo system reveals how one company made the transition from desktop operating system to embedded system.

There are a lot of sites about “hacking” the TiVo, to do this to it and that to it (and there’s always the other thing too). After all, half the fun of owning something that runs Linux is to make it do something more (or different) than it was intended to do. But most of us only need so many Web servers (off the top of my head, I think I have 10 or 15 Web servers in my house already, including the embedded systems).

A couple of bits of advice about a planned TiVo hack attack. You should probably assume that you will void any warranty it ever had and that it won’t work as a video recorder again. It’s not that you’re likely to botch things that badly, but rather that the aggravation you could face trying to get the machine fixed for any little change will be offset by the realization that you’re the one who busted it. [Read the rest]