AOL plans AIM developer program

Well this is almost worth looking into. I mean, if AOL is opening things up with their IM code, this can only lead to big and beautiful things, right?

America Online (AOL) plans to launch a broad program to encourage external developers to create applications for the company’s AIM instant messaging platform, an AOL executive said Monday.

AOL has in the past selectively opened parts of AIM for hand-picked developer partners, but it plans to throw open the doors of the platform to developers of all stripes with a new program it plans to introduce in August.

The new program has been tailored for a new AIM version called Triton, which AOL began testing in April and which is based on a new architecture that is more open and modular than the existing one.

“We want to let anyone on the Web with a good idea to bring their innovation to our product and create plug-ins and add-ons,” said Chamath Palihapitiya, vice president and general manager of AIM and ICQ at Dulles, Virginia-based AOL.

AOL will make available for developers a Web site with APIs, software development kits, documentation and sample code, and it will showcase there the best add-ons and plug-ins and provide support, he said. [Read the rest]