For Surfers, a Roving Hot Spot That Shares

Hmm, so this might be like the relay race in the world of Wi-Fi then…right? Well, not really…

When the Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., opened its gates last week to a location shoot for “The Sopranos,” a new fixture was on display in the mobile dressing rooms – a roving Wi-Fi hot spot.

With a device called the Junxion Box, the production company can set up a mobile multiuser Internet connection anywhere it gets cellphone service. The box, about the size of a shoebox cover, uses a cellular modem card from a wireless phone carrier to create a Wi-Fi hot spot that lets dozens of people connect to the Internet.

The staff members of “The Sopranos,” squeezed into two trailer dressing rooms, needed only the Junxion Box and their laptops to exchange messages and documents with the production offices at Silvercup Studios in Queens.

“We used to fax everything,” said Henry J. Bronchtein, the show’s co-executive producer. “The paper would jam; it was messy. This is much more reliable.” [Read the rest]