Sun to Open Source Web Single Sign-on

Some might be concerned that by opening up this program up to the public, it is going to create problems in the security realm. I on the other hand, feel that it could actually keep holes plugged better than if had been closed off.

Sun Microsystems is freeing up code from its Java System Access Manager software to let programmers create single sign-on over the Internet.

The project, Open Web Single Sign-On (OpenSSO) project, will include source code for authentication and single domain SSO. Sun will include software hooks to connect the Web site authentication and SSO technologies with the Sun Java System Web Server and Sun Java System Application Server.

Single sign-on is a crucial component of identity management because it allows users to sign on to a Web site once and access several other sites in a completely secure fashion. Such technology will be a key driver for Web services and other forms of(define) distributed computing.

The Java development community is the target audience, said Eric Leach, product management director at Sun.

Sun will put the code on the developer site to build up resources and community support for Java innovation based on Sun’s software, The source code will be available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) in spring 2006. [Read the rest]