Hardware US geeks dream about – a reality in Japan

Ya, why is it that we always see all of the cool stuff in Japan before we do in the West? It just does not seem all that fair to me.

Tokyo – It’s no secret anymore that consumers in Japan get the latest tech toys months and sometimes years earlier than the rest of the world. We hopped across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo to look for some of current technology: With a video camcorder in hand, we wandered into Sony’s Ginza building and discovered that inside this famous landmark and got a first hand impression what soon may be on its way to North America.

These days, the 4.7 Gigabyte DVD disc is on the high-end of our optical storage capacity, as we are still waiting for Blu-Ray to reach our shores. The Japanese don’t have this problem as they have been able to purchase Blu-Ray recorders/players for a while. In fact, Sony is already selling their second generation of recorders. The single-side cartridge media holds 23 GB, with plenty of room for future improvement. [Read the rest]