iPod Video Buzzes Web

Yup, Steve’s on record for saying there won’t be an iPod video, but it’s been almost a year since he’s really said that and things are a changin’. I mean, look at all the music videos you can download with your albums off of iTMS now. It just seem to be the natural progression to sell video and then download it to your iPod.

Though a heftier hard drive is needed so I guess that 80GB iPod is just around corner, too.

The Cupertino, Calif., computer and electronics company has recently held discussions with major recording companies, seeking to license music videos to sell through Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes Music Store, according to several people in the media industry briefed on the discussions. The negotiations are a possible prelude to a version of Apple’s hit iPod that would play video, a widely expected gadget that Apple has told some entertainment-industry executives that it could announce by September. [Source]