Music Videos For People Who Want To Think

Born with the intention of providing an alternative news venue for the younger generations, often very critical and alienated by mainstream news media, here is a uniquely interesting hub of counter-information, articles, and voices from a growing group of awareness-increasing individuals.

One of the most valuable resources behind it is the collection of videos that Stephen Marshall, together with a number of other great partners, has shot and published on GNN in the course of the last three years. These video clips are truly a great example of the open source television of the future I have been writing about many times recently.

Here is information-rich, entertaining video material that can indeed make people think, reflect and ask questions, in ways that our present TV system hasn’t accustomed us to.

Indeed, as its authors put it themselves, this is what could be called for a lack of a better term “music videos for people who [want] to think“.