Microsoft sues over Google hire

Google may have searched, but they found someone that Microsoft would rather NOT lose. So, Microsoft did waht Microsoft does all the time: they sued. Here are the ugly details…

Opening a new chapter in its rivalry with Google, Microsoft on Tuesday sued the search giant and a former Microsoft executive who has been tapped by Google to run its China operations.

The suit was filed in a Washington state court against Google and Kai-Fu Lee, who until Monday was the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Services Division.

Google said earlier Tuesday that Lee was joining the company and would head up a new research effort in China.

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Considering Microsoft’s past, it’s more a case of the pot calling the kettle black. All of a sudden I find myself what a lawyer, hired by such an unconventional company as Google, might be able to do to a regular lawyer in a courtroom. Anyone for reality TV on this?