Broadband In Nome, Alaska!

Off and on for roughly two-and-a-half years now, I have touched on the problems facing those who live in the country wanting a faster Internet connection. Yes, in some cases you can still have ISDN made available to you… but what about when you live way out there?

Over the past year or so we have been hearing all of this talk about the wonders of wide-range Wi-Fi. In many communities, it is just icing on the cake. But what about people in remote locations such as Nome and Barrow, Alaska? They are two of the most remote and difficult areas in the U.S. to get to. No roads leading in, and no way out short of airplane or chopper. This is truly the last great frontier. And while it is certainly a hard life, that does not mean that people up there are without some of the geekier amenities. Besides access to telephone and dial up Internet, you can also access paid citywide Wi-Fi in many remote towns in this wild, untamed state. Ya, they have semi-broadband access in Timbuktu, now! How wild is that?

But what if that is not good enough and you are living someplace outside of the continental U.S.? Direcway says it only covers the 48 interconnected states, but I found out this is not completely true. If you get yourself a special dish from these guys, you can have broadband as far north as Nome, Alaska! Tell me that is not insane?

Then again, we have to realize that this is incredibly expensive for most people. However, once you get set up with the right equipment, you could end the suffering of dial up usage forever. After all, when the Internet is a part of your daily business, I’m willing to bet the money being spent is totally worth it. Besides, if you stop to look at the remote places where you can get access, it is pretty damned amazing! So I guess to sum this up: Choose the solution that is best for you. If you live in a remote area and are sick and tired of choking on dial up, then perhaps the cost of satellite Internet is not so bad after all?