Sharp’s New Dual-View LCD Displays Two Shows at Once

Talk about a true family TV. This new TV will help solve living room conflicts in households around the world.

Sharp Corp unveiled today their new LCD TV that can simultaneously display different images into the right and left sides of the screen through a back-light. The two different programs air at the same time depending where one sits. Viewers will get an uninterrupted view no matter where they sit, but what they see will change depending on the angle. Sharp will begin mass production of the display dubbed the “world’s first dual-view LCD”, by the end of the month and hitting shelves later this year.

You can also have a TV broadcast on the right screen, while surfing the Internet on the left screen. “The dual-view LCD could also be put to use in a car, with a driver looking at a map navigation system while a friend in the passenger’s seat enjoys a DVD movie.”

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