Film Studios Said to Agree on Digital Standards

This is good to hear. By having Hollywood settled on a digital film standard, perhaps it will allow them to move on to other matters such as getting behind a wider selection of legal movies for downloading over the Internet?

Hollywood’s major film studios are expected to announce on Wednesday that they have agreed to new technical standards that will make it easier for movie theaters to show digitally produced movies, according to two studio executives apprised of the announcement.

For years Hollywood has discussed how to create and distribute digital films with little success, in part because the parties could not agree on a standard technology for projectors or on who would pay to replace the equipment. Movie theater owners did not want to foot the bill, fearing the $100,000 projectors would become obsolete without a consensus about the standards. The movie industry, for its part, has resisted paying to replace projectors because studios do not own the theaters. [Read the rest]