Xbox The Spot

After a few rounds of getting my ass handed to me in Halo 2 with friends the other day, I’m starting to look forward to getting the Xbox 360. Not because I enjoy losing, mind you. The next-gen Xbox aims to be a great gaming machine with visuals that are out of this world. I watched a few of the following trailers last night, but none of them excited me half as much as ‘Ghost Recon 3.’ Project Gotham Racing 3 looked amazing, too. Every other title trailer seemed to be a copycat, a boring sequel, or a sports game – none of which I’m interested in playing. I have a feeling that current Xbox units are going to find their way into secondary entertainment rooms soon enough. The Xbox acts as a hackneyed Media Center Extender, but I’m certain the Xbox 360 will sell many MCE machines for Microsoft.

Xbox 360 party at my house (at some random point in the future)!