Amazon’s search engine impresses experts

OK, fine. A9 is impressive in some areas. But how long do we really think it will be before other search engines look to plug into the enormous Amazon database for themselves? Personally, I suspect it will be a Google purchase within the next five years.

The web search engine launched by online retailer Amazon this week reflects a growing trend towards personalised searching, say experts.

The new service,, is built directly on top of Google’s internet search engine so that it provides the same basic results.

But A9 adds some unique features. Foremost among these is the ability to log in using an Amazon shopping account. This enables web surfers to use the search engine’s personalisation features from any computer they use.

A9 shows users a history of their searching and highlights results that have not appeared in previous searches. It also lets users simultaneously scour Amazon’s book catalogue along with the web. [Read the rest]

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