Jeremy Bencken of ApartmentRatings.com writes:

We recently launched a mashup between ApartmentRatings.com and Google Maps, and we feel it achieves a new level in terms of quantity of integrated information and sophistication.

ApartmentRatings.com brings one of the largest datasets to-date to Google Maps. Maps are available for 4,165 cities nationwide and display over 49,000 apartments, making it vastly easier for renters to browse the more than 270,000 apartment ratings and reviews on ApartmentRatings.com.

Unlike HousingMaps.com, which utilizes data from Craigslist (where currently only a small number of apartment communities advertise), ApartmentRatings.com allows renters to map apartment communities via one of the largest apartment databases online.

On the maps, apartments are identified by markers that have been color-coded based on the percentage of renters who have recommended each apartment community. Users can also filter map points based on criteria such as percentage recommended, overall ratings, number of reviews, and zip code.

We have also implemented a dynamic pre-fetching system that allows us to display 1200+ apartments on a single map without reloading the map or losing context. As you might have noticed on other previous mashup sites, they tend to be limited to displaying only a few hundred map points on a single map without reloading the map. Dynamic pre-fetching overcomes this problem.

To see the maps in action, click the following links and then click “Google Maps Search”:

Houston area
Los Angeles area