Linux in Government: You Can Use the Desktop on a Laptop Now

Depending on how you look at it, Linux on a notebook PC is likely to be more popular that one might realize. Read on for the specifics.

Many variations of this “reports of my death” quote exist. The original note was written May 1897 in the author’s hand. He wrote, “James Ross Clemens, a cousin of mine was seriously ill two or three weeks ago in London. The report of my illness grew out of his illness, the report of my death was an exaggeration”.

Similarly, depending on the writer, many variations exist about the usefulness of Linux on desktops and laptops. In some ways, I understand the confusion and the various conclusions people draw. Recently, I had the opportunity to install Linux on an IBM ThinkPad, and both ingenuity and a commitment to complete the job were required. That’s not what I expected at the start. I found Linux useful immediately. Later, I found the software I needed to make it work the way one would expect from a manufacturer. [Read the rest]