Upgrading with an Athlon 64

As I read through this blog post, I began to smile as I know exactly what this person was going through. When you upgrade specific components in XP, you can often find that their anti-piracy garbage forces you to do a format and reinstall if you plan on using that drive again!

I upgraded Stephanie’s computer today with a shiny new Athlon 64 3000+. She’s had a 2 GHz P4 for almost three years, so it was time for an upgrade.

Actually, she did most of the work. She gutted the machine and rebuilt it, except for me clamping down the heat sink. Then I f’d around with Windows because it couldn’t just do a repair install, it needed a fresh install. I hate that about Windows. With XP I’ve never had “OS rot” like in the Windows 95 days, but I still upgrade CPU’s and motherboards about once every two years, and that’s when I run into this. [Read the rest]