I’m telling you, Japan gets all the cool stuff first! And this is yet, just one more example of something that I likely will never need, but want to have because it is looks really neat.

An “interesting” new shop in Japan, which somehow seems to fit in and offer a break from souvenir stands on Sannenzaka in Kyoto, Oto Kinoko claims to be the first store selling sounds. The mushroom-shaped consoles can be navigated with a big knob and touch screen. Videos of jungle rivers, icebergs and all manner of natural environs accompany the soundtracks, which are the star of the show. These are ultra-enhanced stereo recordings of animals living it up and chowing down. Like something? The moderately priced CD beckons. The sound kiosk terminals were designed by media artist Toshio Iwai and illustrator Kayo Baba. Overall art direction was done by Shin Sobue, a guru in book design. Their website otokinoko.com remains undeveloped, with only a pageholder. [Get the links]