Current TV – Will It Be Able To Compete?

Lately, I have been paying special attention to Al Gore’s new Television network, Current TV. Now understand that it’s not a political network, so feel free to come down off of the soapboxes anytime now.

An interesting idea to say the least, the format is still a little confusing at first though. But once you get down with that whole ‘pod-scene,’ it’s really not so bad. Looking closely at this as a channel, I believe that it is going to become reliant on people changing the way that they watch TV.

So, what else makes this network so different from other things out there? Well, besides being a creation of a former US Vice President and not taking into account that it’s trying to provide positive television content for this nation’s young people, I guess it’s a little hard to put into words. But really now, why should any of us care about what this network has to offer? Simple. It allows you to provide the content. That’s right, if you have a problem with what is being shown, get off your butt and make your own video! Coming very soon, its uploading studio will be ready and operational for each of us to use. And while this may wear down on our patience (as waiting is never any fun), Current will continue to accept snail mail submissions in the meantime.

So, I guess the remaining question is whether this is only for kids or not? Well, I like to think it is for anyone who wants to try something new. At age 31 myself, I am a little outside of its twenty-something target market. Having said this, I am still considering putting some video content together myself once they get its little uploading system in place. Yes, I have a few topic ideas that I hope to get onto film someday. Really not a priority for me right now, but I still have them floating around in the back of my mind as a ‘maybe someday’ project. Perhaps I will get to it after the holidays when things settle down. Man, that is one of the oldest excuses to procrastinate….

Guess that is a testimate to the priority video projects hold for me right now…

Let’s get digital!