Recovering Lost Data

Jake Ludington is the man. Seriously, he knows his stuff. Before I was here at the Gnome, Jake and Chris ran the show with a passion. Well, Jake has put together a guide to help you to deal with data loss on a damaged hard drive. Take a look for yourself, it’s good stuff.

Scott writes, “I have two external hard drives now. I used to have only one. I used to save EVERYTHING to my external hard drive thinking that if I ever had a computer crash or whatever, I would be protected. Well, while traveling about one month ago, the TSA agent took my external hard drive held it up and said, ‘What is this?’ while he dropped it. When I got home, I plugged it in, but my computer could not read or recognize it. I finally got it to be recognized by a friendís computer.”

“But, the computer said that the drive needed to have a CHKDSK run on it. While doing this, it found a lot of data that it said it converted to files. I did not know then that it did must have been getting rid of things on my drive.” [Read the rest]