Access Your Home TV Channels From Anywhere

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your television with you anywhere you want around your home apartment?

How about seeing your favorite satellite TV match from your laptop while connected from an Internet cafè on the other side of the world?

And since traditional TV stations do not yet broadcast live over your broadband Internet connection, the only solution left is to enable television content for Internet distribution at your own end.

If you already have a fast Internet connection using DSL, or cable, and you have a computer at home that is also connected to the Internet, then you have all that is needed to set up a personal Internet TV re-broadcasting system.

New technologies allow you to broadcast your cable, satellite TV, and possibly any other source of digital video including security cameras, webcams or any other video source you can hook up to these new tools.

In essence these solutions include all the hardware and software you may need to allow you to remotely control your digital TV content, change the TV channels, and do all this via the Web from any Internet-connected computer located anywhere in the world.

The time is now right to deliver a product at a consumer price point that can deliver that living room TV experience wherever you are on whatever device you have.

The most interesting among these unique new devices transform the way you watch TV allowing you to take your favorite television programming anywhere your home Internet-connected devices (laptop, desktop, PDA, etc.) allow you to go.

Not only.

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