No More Fighting with the DMV: Custom Car Emblems from Are Great

Yesterday I saw a car that went for that old school custom look. They took the standard “Corolla” emblem on the back of the trunk, whacked off the “C” “O” and “A” and wound up with “roll.” It made me a little sad, because it’s 2005 and you basically have three choices if you want to make a personalized statement – buy a bumper sticker, order a vanity plate, or whack letters off your car’s name. Like a Toyota becomes a “Toy” har har.

Luckily there is hope. A company called lets you create any emblem you want for your car – your initials, a name, whatever. I wrote about it back in June, but they recently sent me my gaming handle “GameGirl” and I have to say the quality is outstanding.

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