The Gripe Wiki

“Welcome to the Gripe Wiki. We’ve set this up as a place where readers of Ed Foster’s GripeLog can organize and share their experiences and opinions in the way they think best. Right now we’re still in experimental mode, so we’re going to leave the wiki basically open and unstructured to see how readers think it should work. But the basic goal is to allow you to describe the good and the bad points of the computer products and online services you use.

Featured Article: Anti-Virus Software Overview

As explained in the August 8th GripeLog column, the Gripe Wiki’s first project focuses on the anti-virus software category. Follow the links at the bottom of the overview story to the stories on the various products and make sure your favorite is described accurately. And, since this is part of the GripeLog, you might also want to point out the weak points of products you’ve learned to dislike through bitter experience.”

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