Meet Up With Us In San Jose On Thursday!

We’re in San Jose this week, covering the ever-popular Search Engine Strategies conference. Having only been here for one day, I’m already feeling a bit more comfortable with this one (much more than I was in NYC). I’m not someone who tracks search engine stats and stuff on a regular basis. I know search engines exist, and I use search engines every day – but they’re not my “life,” personally or professionally. Found a few interesting interviews on the show floor, and a couple of new services that I can’t wait to start using. Must be a California state of mind?

So, if you’re into searching – this is definitely the place to be. And if you’re already in this place, show your face on Thursday night. We’re doing some kind of formally informal “geek dinner” of sorts somewhere in this neighborhood (we’re near the San Jose McEnery Convention Center). UPDATE: Let’s shoot for E&O Trading Company on 96 South First St. in San Jose at 7 pm on Thursday – spread the word. FURTHER UPDATE: And if you are inclined to come join us, please, please, please RSVP! Reservations may be limited!