SEALs Invade the PSP November 8

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo, for the Playstation Portable has had some information leak thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment.

Sony announced back at E3 that it would be a first person shooter released in the fall. Today weíve received some more specific information that it will be released November 8, and is in development by Redmon Washington based Zipper interactive.

The game will take place in 14 levels, including a PSP exclusive Chile. It will feature the usual SOCOM fare: tactical, stealth, and action gameplay as the player leads a squad of SEALs against the enemy. Fireteam Bravo will sport a new ďinstant actionĒ mode, which promises to bring us fast paced action in 5-10 minute bursts as well as Wi-Fi multiplayer (yay!) and data-synching with the upcoming SOCO III for the Playstation 2 via a USB hookup.

“Itís definitely been difficult to take the tactical action of typical SOCOM missions and try to set them up so that they play out in 5-10 minutes! You want to make sure that you arenít just adding ‘fluff’ content that maybe looks good on the back of the box, (50 billion+ levels!), but the demands of a full-on single-player SOCOM mission would require too much time, and too many people, to implement,” Lead Designer Richard Foge said in a post to the official website

“That said, we have approximately 14 single-player missions in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo (FTB), each of those mission maps has 5 different Instant Action mode game types that can be played on it. ”

“The final stages of tuning are the most difficult, and I donít even want to start thinking about multi-player tuning! Thatís going to be one of the most stressful tuning phases this game goes through, and itís mostly going to be Ed and CJ; but, just thinking about it makes me twitchy. Multi-player has to be perfect. It can mean the difference between people playing the game for months and months or getting sick of it after a few days.”

Provided by Geekstreak