NVIDIA Under Attack: Here Comes The M1695 From ULi

After reading the following article closely, I can see why some hardware manufactures might find themselves a little nervous.

Taiwanese chipmaker ULi is now marketing a chipset that leaves nothing to be desired as far as functionality goes. For example, it offers the optional, no-quibbles use of AGP, PCI Express or Dual PCI Express. But the yardstick set by NVIDIA and its nForce4 chipset is high. Besides the obligatory details, the nForce4 offers a few gimmicks which raise it above the competition. These include a Gigabit network controller with integrated, hardware-supported firewall (ActiveArmor), a versatile SATA RAID unit with four ports (NVRAID) and its own overclocking software (nTune). Optionally there’s the SLI chipset too, which lays the basis for extreme 3D performance through the use of two matching graphics cards. [Read the rest]