Firefox Secrets

Over the past two weeks, I have been engrossed in a book offered to me for review from sitepoint called Firefox Secrets. As you may have guessed from the title, this book covers many aspects to the ever-popular Web browser known as Firefox. But rather than inadvertanly offer up a spoiler for the book, I am going to instead give you a quick run down of what you can expect from this missing manual:

A really thorough introduction to the world’s best Internet browser- Working with both common and advanced settings. Discovering how Firefox came about in the first place and even why people have decided to switch. There is a LOT more covered here, but I have to keep this short and sweet.

Getting to know your browser’s features- Rather than just bashing on other browsers for what they lack, discover what Firefox can offer instead! Customize, stylize and tab-o-ize (made that up) till your heart’s content. Having a Web browser that can be changed, skinned and tweaked is truly a thrilling experience for any user. Take charge of your browsing security and block pop-ups like a pro with the security features explained in this book.

The Web developers point of view- In my opinion, a Web developer needs to make darn sure that they are adding this Web browser to their arsenal along with Opera and IE. Firefox offers a number of features that can make troubleshooting a breeze and hopefully eliminate common mistakes that might otherwise be missed.

Tricks, hacks and many great things to come- In addition to making sure that you are very familiar with and have a strong foundation of knowledge surrounding all of those amazing Firefox extensions out there, you will also learn all about those secret hacks that we are hearing so much about now days. No longer would you have to shake your head in ignorance when one of the ‘cool kids’ discuss the wonders of Firefox extensions and how to hack past common Web annoyances.

Another thing that will serve you, esspecially those dial-up users out there; is the cd-rom included with the guide to all that is Firefox. On this CD, you’ll find the most popular extensions that people are always raving about that allow people like myself to take our browsers to that next level with some truly amazing functionality.

Alrighty folks, now for the really good stuff. Lockergnome and sitepoint have worked out a deal in which we are going to be giving away five, yes five copies of this book. After consulting the Gnome of prophecy for guidance on this matter, I managed to come up with a contest that will prove to be fair and accessible to all that wish to participate. So, I want each of you to tell me what the name of the company who initially started the Mozilla project before it was detached and sent into the wilds of the Open Source community. Also, I am looking for a response that best illustrates the transition from the closed source world onto the Open Source one. Take your time and feel free to email for more specifics if needed.

To reiterate:

– Name of the company that created the Mozilla project in the first place within the closed source world to compete with Microsoft’s browser.
– History of the transition from said company mentioned above to the Mozilla foundation of today.

I will review the responses to my query with Lockergnome’s editor in order to help me decide who can best illustrate this historic transition. Chronological order is certainly important as would be capturing the atmosphere of that period of time. Remember, there is no hurry and questions are welcome (see comment link attached to my name). I plan on giving about a week for this assignment, so make it count. Besides, rest assure that this book is totally worth it.